My Story

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my Scentsy story! Several years ago, I walked into my friend's house one day and thought how amazing it smelled. I looked around and saw she had several candles lit. I remember thinking to myself, I would love to have my house smell this good but I know I would forget if I lit candles... not to mention, my cats would likely burn themselves or knock them over!  Not long after that, I saw a friend of mine posting about Scentsy. I took a look at her website, hosted my first party, ended up with several warmers and bars of wax, and was in love. The warmers were adorable, the scents were amazing, and they were totally safe! I didn't even have to worry about my cats eating the wax as it is completely non-toxic! It was great. And better yet - my husband and roommate both loved the warmers and wanted more.  I signed up to be a consultant not long after that and have not looked back since. I love this company, and I love the products. I'm only sorry I didn't know about Scentsy earlier! I am so excited to be able to share my love of scentsy with you, and I really hope that you, too, are excited and enjoy everything Scentsy has to offer!  <!--endbody-->